Part Four: The Trap is out right now!!!

The Arthur Lien Abductions- The Trap

A thousand apologies to those of you eagerly waiting for this next installment and therefore disappointed by its tardiness.

I’ve learned some good life (and writing) lessons in the meantime, and although I would love to promise that I won’t be late getting a book out again, that’s just plain unrealistic for an author, I guess.

Or at least at the moment while I’m juggling so many things, it is. All it takes is for a couple of big university assignments to come along, plus one sick wife needing me to do more at home, and there goes most of my writing time.

Ideally, in the future, when I can earn enough money doing this to support my family through it, well, I should be able to do even better at things like consistency. I suppose in some ways I’m fortunate to have such a small fan base right now; less people to disappoint.

But I trust the readers that I do have to understand that life is life, and is, therefore,  by nature, predictably unpredictable.

Anywho.. Apologetic rambling over. Let’s talk The Trap.

For those of you new to this game, this is Part Four of The Arthur Lien Abductions, a YA, urban fantasy mystery that I’ve expanded from a short story I wrote last year into a novel-length work, to help raise money for my brother, Tyler, (after whom my protagonist is named) and his chemotherapy and continued treatments. (You can read more about that here.)

It’s such an interesting process, writing a larger work, but publishing pieces as I go. It gives me very little time to actually focus on a section of the story in-depth. And then it’s gone. Done. Out there. Unretractable.

It means that I worry about the continuity of the larger work a lot. Far too much, considering that I intend to release a novelised version when I’m done. Which honestly isn’t far off.

It also means though, that each section is like a different project in its own way, because just as I feel like my writing gets better with every short story I write, I also feel like each part of the book gets better than the one before it.

Now, you may think this is entirely natural, but it’s left me with some rather odd feelings, as I look back at Part One – without actually reading through it of course, because I’m not that intelligent – and think that it was so much worse than Part Four, and what if nobody ever gets to Part Four because they were turned off by my less professional writing three or four months ago?

Silly, isn’t it?

It’s funny how self-critical we can be like that, because I know logically, when I take a break for a week to focus on other things while my beta readers get back to me with feedback, I always have a tendency to surprise myself by how good what I actually wrote was/is.

Now, that’s not to toot my own horn or anything. What I personally love in regards to the written word or the unfolding of a story may not speak to or interest you. But I think it reveals something, if not about human nature, then at the very least about my own; that as I learn and continue to progress in my writing, or in any part of my life, I’m so assured of my own growth and progress, that I have a tendency to think that what I accomplished before is somehow lesser as a result.

Now, yes, there are a few parts of Part One: The Secret that I might change now, knowing what I know about the story and the characters, not to mention my own writing, but that by no means means that it’s bad. I know full well that when I do my whole book cohesion edit after Part Five come out, that I’m going to smile like a little boy because I’ve written something the little boy in me would love to read. Even if I could do an even better job the second time around.

Either way, it’s been an absolutely awesome experience writing Part Four, and it’s definitely the most horrifying one yet. If any one of them could be called a horror book, it’s this one.

It’s actually really funny when you look at all of the covers so far, lined up next to one another, because they get progressively “darker” in theme with each one. And this one, though the quickest in process, was definitely the hardest to draw.

As always, with the release of Part Four: The Trap, (only US$1.99) Part Three: The QuestPart Two: The Mystery and Part One: The Secret are all down to only 99c (US) each on Amazon Kindle! So grab your copy today!

And please share with any of your friends into YA urban fantasy/mystery, and help support Tyler’s ongoing care. Thank you!

P.S. I’ve been formulating the next project after this one, and I’m already so excited for it. Just you wait!


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