Part Three: The Quest is out now!!!!!

The Arthur Liens AbductionsThe Quest

That’s right, Part Three: The Quest is out and you are no April Fool.

Tyler and Jill are back in the next instalment of The Arthur Lien Abductions, and who knows what’s going to happen next?!

Well, you will. If you read the book and find out, that is.

You know, It’s a really amazing process, this whole writing thing.

I understand that that statement makes me seem super unprofessional, and yes, I don’t have a professional publishing deal or anything yet, but hey, do bands suck just because they don’t have a professional recording deal?

Certainly not!

Especially when it’s one of your favourite bands; you look back and you’re like, wow, it’s them but they’re so down-to-earth, there’s such a raw quality to it.

I think of my writing now much in the same way.

Besides the great philanthropic cause fuelling me here, (more about that next time) this is me working towards my dream career. This is me playing in backwater pubs for a free meal while I slowly develop a following.

And you… this is your chance to be all, oh yeah, him? I was reading his books before he got famous. 

That may come off cocky or something – and honestly, I don’t seek for fame, I just want to do what I love and feed my family – but it all boils down to the genuine improvement I see in my writing with every story, every book, every instalment.

Honestly, I read back over it before publishing it, forgetting half of what I’d written a week before, and surprise myself every time. It just gets better and better. If I can maintain my current trajectory, I have no doubt that I will get somewhere with all this.

I don’t like to give spoilers, arguably because I don’t like to be on the receiving end. (Unless of course, it’s just one or two fascinatingly cool plot-points or ideas in the next epically long book of the series I’m already invested in.)

Either way, I don’t think my books right now merit any such interesting spoilers. They need as much as they can give en-read to make it an awesomely worthwhile experience for the reader.

That said, you really, really should definitely get my book. There’s mystery. Intrigue. Romance. Humour. Perhaps even a little bit of horror. And something fantastical underneath it all.

Of course, we’re only up to Part Three so far. Each section has its own smaller arc, but a larger role within the overarching plot. So some parts are more romance, or more mystery, or more horror. It gives some nice variety to the bigger picture.

The first two instalments were driven more by their own smaller arcs, whereas this one I think really functions more as an integral part of the larger story.

It still has its own arc, yes, but this is the midpoint of the story, it’s about finally getting somewhere, understanding more about what type of story is being told and where we’re going from here.

It gives some much needed backstory into both my two central characters, and really throws things into motion by the end.

Of course, if you haven’t read Part One: The Secret or Part Two: The Mystery yet, you really ought to read those first, so you have some idea of where you are and what’s going on up to this point. Plus with the release of Part Three: The Quest, the former two are both now down to only 99c (US), so you don’t have any excuses.

And of course, in case there was any doubt, you can get Part Three: The Quest here for Amazon Kindle.

QOTB: Do you ever find that there are certain times and/or situations where you’re actually wanting spoilers?


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