Mistborn Rereads:the hero of ages


So I was able to marathon my way through the last quarter of The Hero Of Ages on Audiobook over the last two days, despite how busy my weekend was. Thank you cooking and cleaning!

Even though I’m getting much better at spotting narrative techniques and plot devices and the like, it still just blew me away how good this book is. It builds and builds and takes you further than you would have expected and gah!

I can’t believe how little I remembered of the entire book. It was shocking. And also amazing, because that meant that it was mostly like experiencing the whole thing for the first time.

It was like watching a great movie with a great twist that your friend spoiled for you. You’re still like, this movie was mind-blowingly awesome, you just saw it coming the way most people don’t until their second or third viewing.

I honestly don’t even know what I can talk about with this book. I’m still just in awe.

I can now definitely confirm that it’s even better than Calamity, though. So if you’ve read the Reckoners series and not Mistborn, this needs to be your next Sanderson series. Or if you’re wanting something of equivalent size, Warbreaker on its own is your next step cause it’s amazingly awesome and will build you up for the longer awesomeness that is Mistborn.

I honestly don’t want to say anything specific about this book for risk of ruining it. It does start slower than I expected, only really remembering how it ended, but it’s not dull. There’s intrigue and so much detail.

You watch the characters continually searching for knowledge and understanding about the world that Sanderson’s already got in his head. And sometimes they’re wrong and sometimes they’re right. Either way, it’s constantly progressing. And even though things are going more wrong than you thought they could, they’re also continually progressing. I mean, it’s a work of genius!

I don’t know exactly how I can write such a huge interconnected web of awesomeness, and Sanderson has given clues in his lectures and podcasts, but either way, I am paying close attention. If I can make anyone reading my work feel the same way I felt this morning finishing the book, well, I won’t be able to help considering myself a successful author.

I guess that’s the goal.

I had something else in mind, but I’m blanking on it so I’m going to leave this one short.

I’m giving both The Hero Of Ages and the series as a whole five kandra out of five. If you haven’t read it yet, you’re missing out.

QOTB: In your opinion, what book/movie has the best ending of them all?

Also, don’t forget that with the release of The Arthur Lien Abduction, Part Two: The Mystery on Kindle, Part One: The Secret is down to only 99c (US).


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