Calamity! a book review!


In honour of World Book Day, I’ve decided to do a few book reviews this month.

Now, if you read my blog with any regularity, or have read almost any of my blogs before, you probably know I’m a huge Fanderson; I seem to find one way or another to bring him up almost every time.

Perhaps it’s because I love his books. Perhaps because I’ve seen all his lectures online. Perhaps because I consider myself his student, and him my writing mentor. Or perhaps because he’s LDS too.

Whatever the reason, I follow his writing career very closely. And as those of you actually reading this probably know, Calamity just came out!

If you haven’t read it yet, perfect! Let me tell you why you should.

Firstly: It’s the third book in a trilogy.

One of the biggest factors affecting readership in almost all genres is the continuation of a story. People don’t like stand-alone novels. They want characters and a world they can fall in love with. They don’t want it to be over after one story.

This is perfect, as this story builds over three books; Steelheart, Firefight, and Calamity.

But it’s the last book. Doesn’t that mean there’ll be no more?

Well, yes, it is the last book. But if you’ve read Brandon’s Mistborn series (I’m currently doing rereads, link to my blog about The Final Empire here) you’ll know that he does a wonderful job of building each book bigger than the one previous.

Secondly, it’s YA dystopian future, which is one of the biggest selling YA genres, and where tonnes of cool action-adventure films and television shows are coming from. That makes it like your Hunger Games, or Divergent, or Maze Runner series.

So even though several of the Branderson’s books have been optioned, this is the series most likely to be turned into movies anytime soon. So in that way at least, there’s more coming.

Thirdly, it’s a Brandon Sanderson novel. Besides perhaps Patrick Rothfuss, Sanderson’s easily the biggest name is Fantasy right now. And he comes out with a couple new books every year.

If you’ve never read a Sanderson book, this is a great series to begin with, because it’s a lot less commitment than some of his bigger masterpieces.

Plus, as a YA book there’s much more frequent humour than many of his more grown-up books.

Plus, he does really cool, different things with the cities each of these books are focussed around.

Plus, it’s an awesome spin on mutants and superpowers and things.

If that hasn’t been enough to convince you to read it, well, perhaps I haven’t talked about how it made me feel yet.

This book wrapped up the series in a wonderful way. There was plenty of surprising yet inevitable twists. It hit me with all the feels. And felt beautifully satisfying.

I didn’t feel as overwhelmed with awesome as I did finishing Warbreaker or The Hero Of Ages, but I think that was partly because a) I didn’t read the first two books again in preparation for this one, so it’s been almost a year since I read them, meaning the buildup to climax was really only one book long for me and therefore less powerful, and b) I listened to it on Audible, because I’m really too busy to actually sit down and read books anymore, so I was always cooking, or cleaning, or commuting while experiencing the story.

I do believe that this book would probably have been equally as powerful had I had the leisure time to just sit down and read them back to back.

As it is though, I’m going to give it four-and-a-half Epics out of five, which is also my review of the series as a whole. Of course, my four-and-a-half is a poor man’s five. I have very high expectations.

So if you’re at all interested in superpowers or YA dystopian future books or weird, cool cities that do unheard of and unexpected things, or just an awesome story told by a quirky protagonist, this book and this series is for you!

QOTB: What’s the best YA dystopian series you’ve read lately?

P.S. If you’re into YA fantasy suspense and romance….

Quick reminder: The Arthur Lien Abductions – Part Two: The Mystery is out now on Amazon for only $1.99 (US), and with it Part One: The Secret is down to only 99c (US)


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