Transform YOU in 40 Days: the 40-day principle of change and you!

Transform YOU in 40 Days cover

In honour of publishing my first book, Transform YOU in 40 Days, it’s available absolutely free on Amazon for the next five days only. (Aug 27-31, 2015)

(All you need is an Amazon account) 🙂

But just why would you want to get it in the first place? Well, here’s some stuff you might want to know or consider before purchasing. (Although come on, it’s free, who doesn’t like free stuff?)

So just what is Transform YOU in 40 Days about?

The 40-Day Principle of Change. It is a practical format turning your life around; for setting your goals and making your plans and doing something new every six weeks to progress your life. It helps you break up your long-term goals into smaller, more achievable pieces that you can implement one by one, or in a bunch should you choose.

It is a self-help book, yes.

Why is your first book a self-help book if you consider yourself a fiction author?

Well, I guess it comes down to my endgame in writing. I want to make the world a better place. I want to give people happiness and hope, light in the darkness, food for thought. I want to inspire everyone to be the hero in their own life story. To protag like any good protagonist should. I want to make a difference in people’s lives.

I realised two months ago that I had this huge collection of notes of my phone about things that I would love someone, myself if necessary, to give a church talk/lesson/sermon on. Golden nuggets of wisdom that I wanted to share with the world.

Then my father-in-law had an idea about doing non-fiction eBooks. He was in a similar boat and approached my wife and I about the idea. It immediately took us in.

And voila, here we are. He’s already published his first two, and I’ve just published my first.

So wait, is Transform YOU in 40 Days a religious book?

Not overtly, no. I take examples from the Bible, Quran, other religions, history, science, logic, practical application and life experience.

As Benjamin Franklin said, who is wise? He who learns from everybody.

So why should I get Transform YOU in 40 Days?

Because you haven’t read or tried it yet. Anyone who wants to improve themselves could learn things from reading it and benefit from following the program as contained within.

Because it’s only a 6-week program. You can try it out for yourself and you feel it hasn’t worked for you, well, you haven’t even wasted your time because you’ve gotten a new experience out of it.

Because it’s abundantly cheaper than hiring a life-coach. And as I mentioned earlier, for the next five days it’s completely FREE. No cost to you whatsoever.

Because you’d be helping me out. As this is my first book, and the program in its modern iteration is somewhat lacking in terms of field testing (en masse), I’m really excited to get some feedback on how it works out for everyone. Any questions or suggestions about things that could be further clarified, justified, explained in more detail, anything, would all be welcome in helping me doing the second edition.

Plus, if you find the book/program really helpful and awesome, you may feel the desire to write a glowing review on your blog, Facebook or Amazon, recommend it to your friends and family, or otherwise barrage me with compliments and praise. I would urge you to please follow those desires, especially if it’s either of the first two.

But isn’t it probably not worth very much, being free and all?

Hardly. It’s not usually or probably ever going to be a free again. These five days are a special one off occasion to celebrate the publishing of my first book. After that, it is definitely going to cost money.

Now, I’m going to try and keep it nice and easily affordable at only three or four bucks each, at least for the first edition, but please believe me when I say that I actually value the work I put into this book quite highly. I do eventually expect to be paid for it. As would anybody. I’m just trying to take away anyone’s excuse not to get the book. And there is now no financial wall stopping you whatsoever!

So give it a go. Go to Amazon and grab your free copy of Transform YOU In 40 Days by C T Rostedt here- 


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