Writing Excuses: Ironically More Than Enough Excuses To Keep Me From Writing

Writing Excuses

Blogverse, Good Day!

So it’s been a wonderful week or two since I’ve posted and much has happened in that time. I gained a phone, (and with it new headphones and much data) lost a car, (not so much lost as scrapped) and almost simultaneously both gained and lost a new place to live that was going to be perfect for our little family.

I’m only two-thirds of the way through Assassin’s Quest, and understandably so, therefore I won’t be saying any more about it today, and will instead be pontificating endlessly about my new (to my Sanderson-loving shame) favourite thing, Writing Excuses.

For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, here’s the microwiki-

Writing Excuses is a weekly, fifteen-minute long podcast about writing that premiered in October 2008, where authors Brandon Sanderson, Mary Robinette Kowal, Dan Wells, and Howard Tayler, discuss various elements of writing and give a shout-out to a different book to read or listen to on Audible.

As I consider Brandon Sanderson my favourite author, teacher and mentor, having watched his every lecture posted online, I can’t believe it has taken me this long to give it a listen and promptly latch onto it. But of course, I have now that I have.

The supernally awesome thing about the way they’ve formatted the podcasts this year, is that the whole year is designed to walk talk the listeners through the steps of writing a novel. I love the variety of styles and methods that they have, but what I love even more about it are the similarities, not only the similar elements of their methods and styles, or their wisdom and guidance to younger writers, but the similarity I feel to them as they talk about creative ideas that they’re so fascinated in, formulating the stories they’re so excited to tell, and talking up the books that have made them feel much the way their works have made me.

As a writing student and aspiring novellist halfway through their first novel, writing is something that I think about every day, and certainly, I’m reading every day also, and not only does listening to Writing Excuses just make me happy, it makes me want to call out into the ether from whence their voices came, “I am one of you! Take me home and under your wing! But only if I can bring my wife!”

I’m not really sure on the metaphysical or cellular whys, but something about hearing these kindred spirits speak so excitedly about writing and their creative ideas, both cements and ferments my passion for writing, and yet when Brandon finishes every episode with, “This has been writing excuses. You’re out of excuses. Now go write.” I don’t, and instead listen to another episode.

Perhaps if I had a laptop of my own and could just write anywhere, I would be otherwise inclined, but as it is, there’s so much Writing Excuses to be had, that I think it will be until I am thoroughly more caught up and just hanging out for each week’s new episode that I will be able to hear that final phrase and respond, “Yes, Master Sanderson, I shall.”

Since the semester began and I haven’t had a particular writing class to attend and give me assignments or goals to meet, I haven’t really done much in the way of writing, creatively, at least. This blog, in fact, has been the large extent of it, and has thus kept me a little more sane and sated. But both due to and despite my new and burgeoning love for this podcast, I am pleased to say I have begun a new short story.

Since the culmination of my screenwriting class a few months’ ago, I have debated heavily whether to continue pursuing screenplays as my next creative writing project, or perhaps transpose my screenplay into short fiction, or whether to just keep hacking away at my first novel, (which is on temporary hiatus, as I’ve found the project too big to pursue during the semester) and eventually decided to fall back on my New Year’s Resolutory Goal- to have a new story to submit to Writers Of The Future every three months. (which is a quatrannual science fiction and fantasy short fiction competition that is both free to enter and whose prize is the goal of many a scifi/fantasy nerd)

And thus, I’m really excited to reboot a concept dream that I had many years ago, wrote down and thought to myself, that would be an awesome movie. I plan to update you over the next couple months as I carve out the story that I’m excited to tell, and work towards my goals. And if I hadn’t have finally given in to my curiosity and given Writing Excuses a chance, I can’t say that I ever would have started this new story at all. So if you feel like you’ve got a story in you, I would encourage you all to follow the link below and start at the beginning of this season of Writing Excuses and allow them to encourage you the way they’ve encouraged me.



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