Shrek The Musical: that awkward moment when the remake is better than the original

So I finally started a blog.

Well, a real blog. Not the myspace blog I had in high school.

I hope it’s the type of cute little adora-blog that you always think of puppily.

But then again, who knows what the time wheel will tell. Are blog years like dog years? I imagine the lifespan of a blog is not in many cases all too different than that of a somewhat small, housebroken canine creature.

At any rate, my blog is a fledgling thing, peeking its head out into the big, wide, interwebular world for the first time and blinking in recoil at the incredible largeness and living-thingness of it all.

Here at this blog, I will recount and review much of what I’m reading and watching and listening to and, sometimes, just thinking about lately. Sometimes there might be fun stories and things from my life, sometimes you’ll find my thoughts on books/music/movies/television I’ve been going through lately, and sometimes I’ll talk about my own writing and the various creative projects I’m working on myself.

So without further ado, and momentarily forgetting about all the other things I need to do, let’s get a peeking.

So this Easter, my lovely new wife and I had the incredimazing and near-spontaneous opportunity of driving up to Queensland to visit my family for the first time since our wedding around fifteen months ago, at near-to-no-cost to ourselves. It was a short, but fun, musical, sun-filled time full of fond foodular memories, rich timbular harmonies and oh yeah, my parents have a pool! *swoon*

One of the perhaps best parts of the trip though was Shrek The Musical.


It was the evening of Good Friday. As ironically titled public holidays go, this foreboding name actually fit perfectly; a day spent resting from the long drive, jamming with my brothers and my wife, and then playing pool-volleyball together. Mum made her famous chicken schnitzel and veggie mash, which we ate in tortillas with salad. And then, the piece de resistance – my brother brought with him a copy of Shrek The Musical, so we all sat together as a family, dimmed the lights and soaked it up with the fervor of our collective fever for musical theatre.

I’ll try not to spoil too much as I fill you in. So I haven’t seen The Book Of Mormon or Legally Blonde yet, but as to my musical theatre experience, my favourites of the last few years have been a solid three-way tie between Wicked, Sweeney Todd and Les Mis. Well, I’m going to have to do some re-evaluating in a few months when the novelty has worn off because Shrek has just blown them out of water, not unlike the whale did to Dory and Marlin.

Now, I’m not trying to raise anyone’s expectations to unreasonable levels where you just know it’s never going to be as good as they say it is, but can we, you and I, get serious for a moment while I elaborate? I am nerding out over Shrek like I did over the Very Potter Musical trilogy, and yet still it brought me to teary eyes as did each of my other three-way favourites.

There are just so so many good songs. Seriously. So. Many. Good. Songs.

You know you’ve been touched in your heart’s inner special place when you find yourself still singing the soundtrack exclusively three days later, and you want to just watch it over and over again to keep the feels at a constant heartwarming buzz.

Yes, some of the lines just aren’t delivered as well as they are in the movie, and sometimes you just think to yourself, that voice is just a little bit not-supposed-to-sound-like-that-at-all, but some of the other lines they added, other inside jokes and general hints and homages to other musicals all just made my face light up like a Christmas tree and my sides stitch up like a old spear wound.

But no seriously, see Shrek The Musical. If you, on any level, liked the film and enjoy musical theatre, seeeeeeeee Shrek The Musical.

I give it five wishes upon a star.

But wait, you say, where’s the room for something else better to supersede it?

Yeah yeah yeah, if I was rating out of ten, I’d give it nine-and-a-half, but out of five, I’m going to round up.

Thusly, in conclusion, see Shrek The Musical. And I hope you enjoy my blog.


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